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Rollover Accident Lawyer| Rollover Accident Leaves Teenager Paralyzed

Teenager Paralyzed In Ford Windstar Rollover


Silvia Doe - 1995 Ford Windstar after Roll Over Accident

Silvia Doe, 15, was seated in the second row of a 1995 Ford Windstar when it was involved in a rollover. Silvia was ejected through the broken out window glass of the minivan’s sliding door as the vehicle overturned.

Doe sued Ford, alleging that the Windstar was not crashworthy and was incapable of properly minimizing injury to occupants in the event of a crash. Plaintiffs alleged the use of tempered glass as well as a weak window frame amounted to defective design. The tempered glass in the weak frame shattered as the vehicle rolled, creating a portal for Silvia’s ejection.


Silvia suffered devastating injuries in the crash. Her condition, medically referred to as ASIA-A T8 paraplegia, resulted from a spinal fracture that pressed against and permanently injured Silvia’s spinal cord. Silvia is now paralyzed from the navel down, has a neurogenic bowel and bladder, and will require medical care and some degree of assistance for the rest of her life.

RESULT: Plaintiffs settled with Ford for a confidential amount.

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