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Seatbelt Defect Lawyer | Sport Utility Vehicle: Occupant Restraint Unlatching of Seatbelt

Sport Utility Vehicle: Occupant Restraint Unlatching of Seatbelt


Danny Doe, 43 was a belted passenger in a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban sport utility vehicle.  Another vehicle, driven by an uninsured motorist, failed to yield at a stop sign and collided with the SUV.  The SUV rolled over and Doe was ejected.  He suffered a closed head injury, broken ankle and a herniated lumbar disk.  Doe’s medical expenses totaled approximately $86,000.  The owner and manager of a waste control company earning about $50,000 annually, Doe missed two years of work following the incident.

Doe sued the SUV manufacturer , alleging the JDC brand seat belt in the vehicle was defective. Specifically, plaintiff alleged the buckle was susceptible to a false latch condition, and that it could unbuckle when subjected to inertial forces.  Plaintiff further contended that the belt was insufficient to withstand collision forces and failed to conform to design specifications.

RESULT: The case was settled pre-trial

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