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RESULT: Bridgestone and GM Pay After Ward County Crash

Posted: 7/19/16

To avoid trial, Bridgestone and GM have settled a case brought by a Texas man who was just 30 years old when he suffered paralyzing injuries when the 2001 GM Yukon in which he was a passenger rolled over. Bridgestone and GM Pay After Ward County Crash (Full Article)

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Paralyzed Man Sues Michelin for Tread Separation

Posted: 7/5/16

On behalf of the 27 year old passenger of a vehicle that crashed following the failure of a rear tire, The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Michelin and the tire shop that sold and installed the tire. As the vehicle traveled down I-44 in Caddo County, OK, the tread of its left…

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Notice to Honda and Acura Owners About Faulty Airbags

Posted: 7/1/16

U.S. Warns Honda and Acura Owners to Replace Airbags Federal safety regulators issue an urgent plea to Honda and Acura owners of more than 300,000 older vehicles to replace their airbags immediately.  Laboratory tests show as high as 50 percent of the Takata airbags tested in certain 2001 – 2003 Honda and Acura vehicles have…

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Ford Sued After F250 Pulling Trailer Rolls Over, Killing Texas Man

Posted: 4/22/16

On behalf of the wife, five children and mother of a 68 year old Houston man killed when the 2012 F250 in which he was a passenger rolled over, suit has been filed against Ford Motor Company. Defects in the vehicle’s rollover protection system were cited as the reason for the man’s fatal injuries. The…

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