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High Profile Disasters Put New Focus on Workplace Safety

Business Journalism.org offer a unique perspective on the recent overwhelming numbers involving workplace accident injury lately. We’re not even halfway through 2010 and already have seen some high-profile workplace accident injury disasters, including 29 dead in a West Virginia coal mine and the 11 workers lost two months ago when the BP oil rig collapsed…

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IIHS Releases Roof-Strength Tests on Midsize SUVs

Many SUV shoppers worry about the rollover risks that come with driving a tall vehicle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has just released roof strength tests that are designed to measure how well vehicles protect their occupants in rollovers. The results may surprise you. In a press release, IIHS writes, "In the first…

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Record 82.5 Million Dollar Verdict May Show Juries Want to Punish Energy Companies

Tuesday's record-setting 82.5 millon dollar verdict in Harris country for the death of a single man killed by a Cleburne natural gas explosion could be the beginning of a trend-juries doing what federal regulators can't do.  Hitting big business where it hurts when they don't prioritize worker and environmental safety over profits. "In the wake…

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Stay Ahead of Bad News!

Follow the Ammons Law Firm for all the latest on dangerous product recalls, drug defects and everything else you need to know to keep you and your family safe and protect your legal rights.  We are set up to distribute news across the entire Internet spectrum.  Choose your favorite! Sign up for our RSS feeds,…

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