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Construction Company Pays Five Million in Big-Rig Crash

Construction Company Pays Five Million in Big-Rig Crash

Construction Company Pays Five Million in Big-Rig Crash

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated a $5,000,000.00 settlement in a case involving a tractor trailer crash that injured a Starr County man.

The crash occurred when the operator of a construction company’s tractor trailer, driving way too fast in rainy weather and talking on his company-supplied cell phone, lost control and jack-knifed his rig into oncoming traffic on a busy highway. The rig struck and nearly obliterated the front of an oncoming vehicle driven by the Starr County man, crushing his legs.

In the lawsuit filed by Mr. Ammons, it was alleged that the tractor trailer driver was operating the rig in course and scope of his employment with the construction company at the time of the accident and that he was negligent in such operation, for which negligence his employer is liable. According to Ammons, that driver’s negligence included (1) failing to maintain control of his truck; (2) failing to stay alert and pay full attention to the road; (3) and failing to adjust his speed for the inclement weather and wet road conditions.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleged that the construction company was also negligent in failing to enforce a no cell phone use policy for its drivers, in failing to provide training or driving instruction to its drivers, and in failing to monitor the hours its drivers worked. According to Ammons, the company driver involved in this accident had already worked for 12-1/2 hours on the day of the crash, almost 10 of which were spent driving.

“When a company doesn’t make safety a priority, completely preventable accidents like this are a tragically predictable result,” said Ammons.

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