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General Contractor Compensates Injured Construction Project Worker - Ammons Law

General Contractor Compensates Injured Construction Project Worker

General Contractor Compensates Injured Construction Project Worker

A cash settlement of $750,000.00 was negotiated by The Ammons Law Firm in a negligence lawsuit filed on behalf of an injured worker against a Texas construction company that served as general contractor on a large Medical Center expansion project.

The worker, a 28-year-old Texas man, was installing metal insulation around chill water piping in an underground tunnel when hydrostatic pressure testing of a sprinkler system for one of the buildings on the project was commenced. Supply lines for the sprinkler system were connected to an isolation valve and piping located in the tunnel where the Texas man was working During the testing, a large piping elbow weighing 250 pounds explosively separated from the system and fell from overhead. As water began pouring into the tunnel, the force of the pipe separation first pushed the man back and then caused him to turn quickly and hurriedly exit the area.. In the process, the man wrenched his back, causing injury to several discs in his cervical and lumbar spine.

The lawsuit Ammons filed for the injured worker contained allegations that the General Contractor was negligent in failing to safely coordinate work activities on the project, failing to mark off the areas involved in the testing, and in failing to ensure that those areas were free from workers prior to commencement of the testing.

“The well-coordinated management of construction projects directly impacts the well-being of all project personnel. When management takes a sincere interest in safety when managing all aspects of a project, injury-producing events like the one in which my client was injured are readily avoided,” said Ammons.

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