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Bus Accidents

Houston Bus Injury Attorney

Bus accidents are devastating because they can happen so quickly and passengers are so vulnerable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), estimates there are over three hundred incidents of fatal bus crashes annually.

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Bus Crash Attorney Rob Ammons Says Basic Safety Features Could Have Prevented Tragedy

June 1, 2011: Federal regulators have suspended the bus company that owns the Sky Express touring company citing multiple safety, and operations violations.  In March, a World Wide Tours bus driver returning to Chinatown from a Connecticut casino swerved off Interstate 95 in the Bronx, slicing the bus in half and killing 15 people. Two days later, a Super Luxury Tours bus headed from Chinatown to Philadelphia crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike, killing two people, including the driver.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Wednesday that it had responded to the accidents by increasing enforcement, including conducting more than 3,000 surprise inspections of passenger buses during the first two weeks of May, which led to the suspensions of 127 drivers and 315 unsafe buses being taken out of service.

In New York, lawmakers have called for stricter regulations of the tour bus industry, including requiring carriers to apply to the city for permits in addition to the operating licenses they are required to obtain from the federal government.

“Why do these tragedies keep recurring with depressing regularity?” says bus crash attorney Rob Ammons.   “The problem is twofold. First, buses are not nearly as safe as they could be. Because of political pressure, inertia, or lack of will, safety features that can increase survivability in bus accidents are not required as standard equipment on buses.”

“Second, the regulatory structure that is supposed to protect the traveling public is abysmal. Not only have regulators failed to require safer buses, they also aren’t enforcing the regulations that do exist. The result is an environment where bus operators and drivers feel free to operate outside the rules without fear of consequences.”

Common tour busses also lack the three basic components that keep passengers in busses during a crash, thereby increasing their chance of survival; seatbelts, strong roofs and window glazing.

Dangers Of Unbelted Students In School Buses
Rob Ammons on the Dangers of Students who ride in school buses that don’t have seat belts to protect them during an accident.

After a bus accident it is crucial for an accident victim to find a bus accident lawyer immediately. Bus accidents can result in horrible injuries to passengers, pedestrians, and riders in other vehicles. Bus accident victims often endure brain and spinal cord injuries; sprains; fractures; abrasions; internal and soft tissue injuries; burn injuries; and death. The victims of these accidents and their families often face enormous medical bills, and are often too disabled to work.

The Ammons bus accident lawyers understand dealing with a bus company; government investigators or the insurance company is nothing like the dealing with the legal issues involving a passenger car.

Ammons bus accident attorneys know the steps to take to file the required notices and preserve your claim against the responsible party.

Our bus accident attorneys are experts at establishing liability. This is crucial for a bus accident victim as liability can be more difficult to establish in cases where a bus is owned by a government authority. Even when the bus driver is clearly at fault there may be an attempt to avoid compensating injured persons on the basis of governmental immunity. Because governmental immunity laws vary by state and can be complicated, it is important to have an experienced bus accident lawyer on your side to protect your rights.

At the Ammons Law Firm , our years of experience representing individuals hurt because of bus accidents means we know exactly how to properly prepare your case. Our bus accident attorneys work with our investigators and the latest technology to recreate accident scenerios to prove liability in court. Here is an example of some of our animation recreation.

You many be entitled to adequate compensation if you have been injured or suffered lost wages or income in any way due to a bus accident, collision or because of negligence on the bus driver’s part.

Rough Record of Bus Safety

In a recent Houston Chronicle report about incidences of Houston bus accidents, it is abundantly clear commuter traffic is anything but safe. Metro buses were involved in more than 1,000 collisions last year — hundreds of which were deemed preventable or resulted in damages and injuries to riders, drivers and pedestrians.  On average, that’s nearly three accidents or fender benders each day.

Two accidents in 2010 involved buses and Metro’s light rail — both the result of bus drivers running red lights, authorities said. In one case, 19 people were injured, and in the other, nine.

And although such dramatic calamities are rare, bus collisions , bus injuries and bus traffic tickets are not.

The Chronicle’s review of accidents, citations and breakdowns involving the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s 1,210 buses documented a total of 1,029 wrecks in 2009.

Metro Police classified 338 of them as “preventable,” meaning the bus drivers involved in the bus accidents could have taken measures to prevent the accidents; 220 caused at least $1,000 in damages or resulted in people ending up at hospitals.


Drivers have been ticketed hundreds of times in the last five years. Among the most common offenses:

400: Speeding related

112: Failure to stop for a red light

119: Lane changing problems

47: Failure to yield the right of way

Source: Houston Municipal Court

The Ammons bus accident lawyers will do everything possible to make sure our clients have access to the resources they need to relieve their worries and rebuild their lives.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a bus accident, call or click here to contact the bus accident attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm today for a free consultation.


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2009 Story about the filing of the first Sherman bus crash wrongful death lawsuit in Harris County

2009 Filing of the first Sherman bus crash wrongful death lawsuit in the Harris County Courthouse.

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