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Tire Defects

Since the Firestone tire recall of 2000, the public has learned just how dangerous the tires on our vehicles can really be. Rob Ammons of the Ammons Law Firm brought to the public’s awareness the potential dangers of badly manufactured or designed tires when he represented a number of plaintiffs with this issue.

Read our books about tire defects and their causes here:

 Tires that kill book Dangerous Aging tires book

Did you know if the tires on your car are more than 6 years old they are at risk for a dangerous failure?
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Unfortunately tire manufacturer recalls are not uncommon. In fact, every major tire manufacturer—Ford Firestone, Uniroyal, Dunlop, and Cooper has issued recalls but sadly these recalls only come after a significant number of consumers had been injured or killed by defective tires.

The tire defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm are well versed in the what causes defective tires to separate and cause a crash. These defective tire accidents can become the direct cause of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

Tire defect attorney Rob Ammons talks to CBS news about the importance of proper tire maintenance before families hit the road for Memorial Day

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a defective tire call one of our tire defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm.

Tire Recall Alert

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced the recall of 127,183 Firestone FR380 tires, size P235/75R15 because of a potential safety defect.

The tires were manufactured between September 2007 and July 2008, and were produced with insufficient tread base gauge. Continued use of those tires may lead to vibration and groove cracking, while extended use could lead to tread distortion or tread separation and a loss of vehicle control.

Tire Brand Name / Tire Line / Tire Size: FIRESTONE / FR380 / P235/75R15

Production Dates: SEP 09, 2007 – JUL 02, 2008



Potential Number of Units Affected: 127183



Tire blowouts can occur for a number of reasons, including the following:
– Tire construction
– Tire manufacturing defects
– Tread separation (de-beading)
– Tire shredding
– Tire design defects
– Adhesion failures
– De-treading
Tire Age

Our tire defect attorneys have successfully pursued over 100 tire defect cases against tire manufacturers.  We have represented individuals in 18 states who have either lost a loved one or been injured due to a defect in a truck or auto tire, or a tire defect that causes an SUV rollover .

The tire defects attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm have years of experience and expertise to help get you and your family the results that bring relief.

Past Tire Defects Case Results:

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil Pay After Separation Crash Kills Two

Bridgestone and GM Pay After Ward County Crash

Product Defect Attorney Successfully Concludes Another F-250 Front Tire Tread Separation Case

Cooper Tire Pays After Fatal Florida Rollover

Goodyear and Nissan Pay after Fatal Texas Rollover

Michelin and Nissan Pay Texas Family after Fatal Crash

Rob Ammons Settles Suit Against Cooper Tire Following Fatal California Tread Separation Crash

Sheehy Ford and Continental Tire Pay Family in Maryland

Claims Settled Against Bridgestone and Ford After Fatal Oklahoma Crash

Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Resolves Suit Against Yokohama Tire after Fatal California Crash

Ford and Tire Shop Pay in Fatal Rollover Crash

Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Concludes Suit Against Ford and Cooper Tire after Fatal Rollover

Cooper Tire and Ford Compensate Woman Paralyzed in Rollover Crash

Continental Tire and Ford Sued For Double-Fatality Rollover

Michelin Pays in Fatal Crash Caused by Defective Tire

Michelin and Tire Shop Pay After Old Tire Causes Wreck

Cooper Tire and GM Compensate Survivors of Woman Killed in Rollover

Tire Defect Attorney Settles Suit Against Bridgestone and Ford in Rollover Crash

Bridgestone Americas Suit Settled

Cooper Tire and Ford Compensate Couple Injured in Highway Crash

General Motors and Continental Tire Pay in Fatal Rollover

Motorists claimed defective tire design caused tread separation

Pickup Truck Accident Due to Tire Defect Causes Rollover and Wrongful Death

Tire Defect Causes Explosive Tread Separation of Tire

Tire Tread Separation Leads to Loss of Control of Car

Tire Tread Separation Leads to SUV Rollover Due to Unstable Design

Tire Failure Causes Car Rollover and Crash

Tread Separation and Unstable Truck Design Blamed for Rollover


Tire Blowout book
Read all about how tire defects result in blowouts here

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a tire defect, call or click here to contact the tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm today for a free consultation.

The tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm understand tire failures often happen at a high rate of speed when the blowout causes pieces of tire to wrap around the wheel, affecting the driver’s control of the vehicle. Vehicle occupants often suffer severe injury or death. Vehicles with a high center of gravity, like SUVs are also more likely to lead to rollovers when the defective tire blows.

When faced with a catastrophic accident caused by a tire defect call the tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm. Our tire defect experts will help determine who or what was responsible for the tire blowout that caused the serious injury or death and get you the help you deserve.

At The Ammons Law Firm, our years of experience representing individuals hurt because of tire defects means we know exactly how to properly prepare your case. Our tire defect attorneys work with our investigators and the latest technology to recreate accident scenerios to prove liability in court. Here is an example of some of our testing.

We have the experience, resources, and skill required to handle even large and complex tire defect cases. One of the most important tasks in working on tire defect casse is finding the right qualified experts. The tire defect lawyers at our law firm have the experience necessary to obtain the very best experts to testify about the defective products at trial. We build the best possible case for our clients by hiring the vey most qualified experts and investigators to help assemble evidence. Even if a case settles out of court, the work our attorneys have done for trial put them in the drivers seat  and usually results in better settlements for our clients.

Tire Defects Attorney - Detreaded tire

Our tire defect lawyers have a considerable background in tire litigation and have accumulated a wealth of information pertaining to tire defect cases. We have successfully handled tire litigation against nearly every major tire manufacturer, including tires made by: Firestone, Michelin, Continental Tire, Cooper Tire, Kumho Tire, General Tire, B.F. Goodrich, Uniroyal and Titan Tire.

Rob Ammons was chosen to serve on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the Ford/Firestone tire litigation.

Due to his work on tire defect cases, Rob Ammons has received the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award from the American Association of Justice. This award was bestowed on Rob Ammons in recognition of his contribution toward a safer, more just America by investigating and gathering evidence pertaining to tire belt separation and vehicle rollovers in Firestone Tire and Ford Explorer cases.


If you or a loved one has been injured due to a tire defect, call or click here to contact  the tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Robs Ammons Talks to CBS News About The Dangers of Tire Aging and Detreading

Rob Ammons Talks to NBC News About Tire Defects.


Rob Ammons Talks to NBC News About Tire Detreads and SUV Rollovers.