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Tire Defect Litigation

Tire Defect Litigation, edited by Rob Ammons
In depth information regarding Tire Defect Litigation.

Taking on Toyota

Taking on Toyota
Toyota’s troubles with sudden acceleration have given rise to litigation seeking to hold the carmaker accountable. Pursuing these cases in the courtroom will require a smart strategy and the willingness to face a tough, well-financed defendant.
Danger on the Road book

Danger on the road

Travel on commercial bus lines gets more hazardous.

Tire tread defecyts book

Tires That Kill -Tread Defects
Many incidents of tread separation are attributable to poor manufacturing and quality control

Spinal cord inuries book

Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need to Know
Dangerous Child Safety Seats

Representing the ‘Forgotten Child’
Children who are too big for safety seats and too small for adult-size seat belts face risk

Van Accident book

The Risky Ride of the 15-Passenger Van
Automakers’ dismissed safer design to get high-capacity vans to market quickly and cheaply.

Unsafe Amusement Park book

Is the All-American Amusement Park Safe?
Visitors are injured every year at amusement parks, but the industry remains largely unregulated

Dangers of Aging Tires book

The Invisible Danger of Aging Tires
The U.S. tire industry is aware of the dangers posed by age degradation, but has failed to alert consumers.


PDF Downloads

Aging Tires and Defects book

Rollovers: The Making of an Epidemic

SUV rollovers book

Blowout: Tire Defects Hurt and Kill

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Driven to Safety: How Litigation Spurred Auto Safety Innovations

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