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Case Results

$2,900,000 Settlement for Park-N-Fly Bus Driver

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Florence Doe was operating a Park-N-Fly bus westbound on North Terminal Road in Harris County on Dec. 22,1999, when the bus was struck by thousands of pounds of rebar being offloaded from a tractor-trailer by a tower crane.  The offloading was in connection with construction of the A/B Terminal parking garage at…Read More

Defective Airbag Hits Passenger In Face After Low Speed Impact

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: On Christmas Day 2002, Veronica Doe, 19, was riding in the right front seat of a 1994 Ford Aspire, which went into a ditch in Harris County.  The passenger airbag deployed in the low-speed frontal impact, and Doe was injured.  Doe sued Ford Motor Co., alleging that there were several clear defects in…Read More

Rollover Accident Causes Seatbelt Mounted Driver Door To Open and Driver To Be Ejected

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: On Sept. 23, 2004, plaintiffs’ decedent Teodoro Doe Jr., 24, a farmhand, lost control of his 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix while traveling south on I-25 in Dona Ana County.  The car left the road and overturned.  The plaintiffs claimed that the driver door opened during the rollover, and Doe was ejected.  He sustained…Read More

Spinal Cord Injury for Locomotive Engineer

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Floyd Doe, a 42-year-old train conductor for Union Pacific, was injured on Aug. 8, 1995, while working as a conductor on a Missouri Pacific locomotive in Arkansas. The engineer was a Union Pacific employee.  While coming out of a 55-mph curve leading to a gated railroad crossing, the train encountered a truck…Read More

Design Defect in Seatbelt That Inertially Unlatches

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Shane Doe, 25, was driving a 1988 Ford F150 pickup on U.S. Hwy. 385 in Andrews County on July 5, 1995, when the tread on a rear tire separated.  He lost control of the truck, it rolled and he was ejected despite the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt.  Quality Truck Tires…Read More