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Do Not Use Cruise Control When It’s Raining

What Are the Risks? Cruise control is a great feature for a long trip, especially if you are driving on a long stretch of highway. However, using cruise control on wet roads poses serious risks of your vehicle hydroplaning. Precipitation combined with oil and grease on the road can create excess slippage on the road…

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Beware of Holiday Drinking and Driving

SOBERING FACTS The U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 40% of traffic related deaths during Christmas and New Year’s involve drunk drivers.[i] On average 27 people die each day in December due to drunk-driving wrecks.[ii] 1 in 8 licensed drivers who consume alcohol say they’ve driven when they thought they were…

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Space Heater Safety 101

Colder weather is here and that means consumers will want to bundle up and stay warm this winter. A space heater is an efficient, cost effective way to stay warm, but if not used safely, disaster could result in your home. Space heaters can pose serious fire and electrical hazards that lack adequate safety features,…

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Ford F-150 Seat Cushion Recall

Ford is recalling more than 200,000 pickup trucks and SUVs in North America because front seat cushions can come loose and fail to properly hold people in a crash.[1] The recall covers the 2016 F-150 and Explorer vehicles equipped with front power seats that were manufactured between January 22, 2016 and April 19, 2016.[2] The…

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Takata Air Bag Recall Repairs are Slow Moving

The Takata air bag recall is one of the largest and most complex recalls in U.S. History. The recall includes over 19 vehicle manufacturers and approximately 46 million Takata air bag inflators that have been employed in an estimated 34 million vehicles in the United States.[1] You can search The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s…

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