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Case Results

Tread Separation and Unstable Truck Design Blamed for Rollover

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Plaintiffs Inaudito Doe, a 37-year-old manual laborer, and Jose Smith, a 19-year-old manual laborer, were passengers in a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck traveling on Interstate 35 West in Denton.  The right rear Firestone Cornell steel-belted 40 tire, size P205/75R14M/S, allegedly suffered tread separation , resulting in loss of control and ultimately roll-over of…Read More

Jeep Grand Cherokee Rollover Accident

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: On April 7, 2002, plaintiffs’ decedent Meenakshi Doe, 50s, was operating a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee eastbound on I-10 when she lost control of the vehicle and it rolled over. Doe’s survivors sued Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills, Mich., and Joe Kerley Lincoln-Mercury, San Jose, Calif., alleging that defects in the design and…Read More

Defective Tire Tread Caused Rollover Accident and Spinal Cord Injuries

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: Plaintiffs Tam Doe, 47, a self employed property manager, Regina Doe, 37, a warehouse worker, and their son, Tam Doe Jr., 14, were traveling eastbound on I-20 in a 1994 Acura Legend on Oct. 1, 2004, when the tread on the left-rear tire separated. Tam Doe lost control of the sedan, which rolled over, injuring all…Read More

Accident With An 18 Wheeler and Door Mounted Seatbelt Causes Wrongful Death

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS On May 12, 2003, plaintiff Alondra Doe, 19, the belted driver of a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am in Cameron County, was in a collision with an 18-wheeler in an intersection. The Pontiac hit the side of the trailer, and the car’s driver door came open, causing the passive, door-mounted seat belt to stop…Read More

13 Year Old Thrown From Amusement Park Ride

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Plaintiff Sam Nguyen, 13, a student, visited Astroworld in Houston, with a group of friends. As Nguyen was riding in the front car of an indoor roller coaster, called the Mayan Mindbender, the cars descended into almost complete darkness and turned quickly to the right. Nguyen was thrown from the car and…Read More