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Case Results

Pedestrian settles with truck driver that hit him in crosswalk

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Alejandro Doe, a 74-year-old husband and father of seven, was pushing his bicycle across the crosswalk of Avenue S at the intersection of Wayside when a Yellow Freight truck driven by Henry Johnson hit him. Doe was drug along the ground underneath the wheel of the truck.  The plaintiffs alleged that Alejandro was properly…Read More

Pawn shop sold safety harness with warning tags removed

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS In August 2001, plaintiff Francisco Sarao, 24, a Mexican citizen, fell 30 feet when his safety harness gave way while he was trimming trees in Weslaco.  An investigation determined that Sarao fell because a safety ring broke on the used Buckingham 2000m Lineman’s Belt that his employer had purchased from a Cash America Pawn…Read More

Chevy Pickup Burst Into Flames When Broadsided

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: On April 6, 2003, plaintiffs’ decedent William Doe, 22, a carpenter, was operating his 1974 Chevrolet pickup northbound on FM 1485 in Conroe when his truck was broadsided by a another pickup truck driven by Cindy Jackson.  Doe’s pickup burst into flames, killing him. Doe’s estate and his survivors, sued General Motors Corp.,…Read More

Saturn settles suit over alleged seatback failure

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS Theodore Doe, early 50s, a laborer, was driving his Saturn on March 2, 2000.  The car was designed, manufactured and marketed by General Motors Corp.  On that date, his vehicle was struck by a Pontiac Bonneville.  The Saturn’s seat back allegedly failed, resulting in severe injuries.  Doe alleged that the vehicle was…Read More

Seat belt in 93 Mazda MX3 unbuckled, spinal injuries

FACTS & ALLEGATIONS: Doe sued Mazda Motor Corp., Mazda Motor of America, Inc., and Tokai Rika Co., Ltd., for products liability, claiming design defect in the seat belt system, which was manufactured by Tokai Rika, based in Japan, and failure to warn.  Doe also named Casas in the suit for her negligent operation, claiming that…Read More