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Personal Injury Case Results | Ammons Law Firm

Case Results

Attorney Rob Ammons Concludes Case against Ford Following Fatal Texas Crash

A case brought against Ford on behalf of the husband and 2 minor sons of a 39-year-old Texas woman killed when the 2003 Ford F150 Super Duty pickup truck in which she was riding was struck in the passenger side by a second vehicle has been successfully concluded. The Ammons Law Firm had filed a…Read More

Nissan Compensates California Woman Paralyzed by Uncrashworthy Versa

Rob Ammons has successfully brought a products liability case against Nissan to its conclusion. In a lawsuit he filed on behalf of a 25-year-old woman rendered quadriplegic when her 2007 Versa rolled over, Ammons claimed that the rollover protection system (ROPS) of the car was defective and failed to provide necessary occupant protection. The woman…Read More

Michelin Compensates Mother of Pre-Teen Killed in Crash in Mexico

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully resolved a product liability case against Michelin on behalf of a mother who lost her 12-year-old daughter in a single-vehicle rollover triggered by a tire failure. Six members of an Arkansas family were traveling on a Mexican highway in their Dodge Ram when the tread on its left rear…Read More

Victim of Uncrashworthy Pickup Compensated by GM

Rollover attorney Rob Ammons successfully secured compensation for a 27-year-old Texas man who was seriously injured when the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 he was driving proved wholly uncrashworthy in a foreseeable rollover. The crash occurred when the man suddenly encountered wet/icy road conditions, causing a loss of directional control over the pickup.  In the lawsuit…Read More

Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Secures Compensation from Mitsubishi after Fatal Texas Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a wrongful death case against Mitsubishi on behalf of the mother of a University of Houston student killed at the age of 20 when the 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor in which she was riding rolled over. The college student was the right front passenger in the Endeavor. When the…Read More