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Case Results

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil Pay After Separation Crash Kills Two

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil will pay the surviving spouses and children of two people killed in a rollover crash. Both decedents were passengers in a minivan when the left rear tire’s tread separated from its carcass, causing the rollover.   According to the lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm of Houston, Texas, the…Read More

Bridgestone and GM Pay After Ward County Crash

To avoid trial, Bridgestone and GM have settled a case brought by a Texas man who was just 30 years old when he suffered paralyzing injuries when the 2001 GM Yukon in which he was a passenger rolled over. The rollover was caused by the tread separation failure of a Wilderness LE tire that was…Read More

Sanderson Farms Pays $27.5 Million After Waco Crash Leaves Infant Brain-Injured

A record-setting $27.5 Million settlement was negotiated in a negligence lawsuit brought by Texas attorneys Rob Ammons and Jim Dunnam against Sanderson Farms and the employee who was driving the company’s pickup truck. The lawsuit alleged that Sanderson Farms’ employee failed to control his speed and keep a proper lookout when he violently rear-ended a…Read More

Honda and Takata Pay Children of Texas Man Killed by Exploding Air Bag

The Ammons Law Firm, together with co-counsel Michael Callahan, successfully negotiated the settlement of a product liability case against Honda and Takata brought on behalf of two minor children of a 35-year-old Texas man who bled to death after the inflator in his Honda Accord’s front air bag shot a piece of metal into his…Read More

Product Defect Attorney Successfully Concludes Another F-250 Front Tire Tread Separation Case

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated the settlement of a wrongful death case against Michelin and Ford on behalf of the wife, adult children and mother of a 54-year-old California man killed in a horrific crash and whose injuries they witnessed. A settlement was also reached on behalf of one of the adult children…Read More