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Personal Injury Case Results | Ammons Law Firm

Case Results

Toyota and Road Construction Company Pay Paralyzed Seatback Failure Victim

  Toyota and a road construction company have agreed to pay the claims made by a 45-year-old man whose 2002 Toyota 4Runner was involved in a rear-end collision. The man was driving his 4Runner down an Arizona highway when an unexpected lane closure (reducing four traffic lanes to only two) caused a sudden traffic backup.…Read More

Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Settles Suit Against Ford After Fatal Arkansas Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated a settlement with Ford in a wrongful death case filed on behalf of the wife of an Arkansas man whose 2003 Ford F250 rolled over. The 60-year-old man was driving the F250 down an Arkansas highway when the road became exceptionally slick, causing the pickup to skid off…Read More

Product Defect Attorney Settles Claim Against Ford after Nevada Rollover Claims Teen’s Life

A settlement has been obtained by The Ammons Law Firm in a products liability claim against Ford Motor Company.  The case involved the rollover of a 1999 Ford Ranger. The accident occurred when the tire positioned at the right rear of the Ranger experienced a tread separation failure as the vehicle traveled at highway speeds. …Read More

Family of Texas Lawyer Rear-Ended by UPS Truck Compensated

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a case involving a preventable traffic collision that left a 48-year-old Texas lawyer severely brain injured. The lawyer was driving on Interstate 10 in Louisiana when he was struck from behind by a UPS tractor-trailer. A lawsuit was brought against UPS and its driver. The lawsuit alleged that…Read More

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil Pay After Separation Crash Kills Two

Goodyear Tire and Franken Oil will pay the surviving spouses and children of two people killed in a rollover crash. Both decedents were passengers in a minivan when the left rear tire’s tread separated from its carcass, causing the rollover.   According to the lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm of Houston, Texas, the…Read More